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Against Borders!


27.11.2020 Album Release of AYOM!

We are again very very happy to anounce our next release. Again we are all in a very weired situation and we can hardly enjoy any live music. So we are superhappy to share with you the debut album of AYOM! We work with this great band in terms of booking in Europe since last […]

16.10.20 New Album of OPAL OCEAN out today!

In this weired times, where we all work hard without to much output, we extra happy to be abel to release today the great new album of Opal Ocean “The Hadal Zone”! For sure this project was also postponed by the crazyness having trapped all of us since several months. The Album should have been […]

16.09.2020 New Single from OPAL OCEAN

Today we are very happy to be able to release finally the new single of OPAL OCEAN!“The Hadal Zone” is available everywhere, where you can get music from! The single will be followed by the underwater music video and than on October 16th by the complete new album featuring on one song Jordan Rudess from […]

10.07.2020 Loli Molina “Lo Azul Sobre Mi”

We are very happy to welcome Loli Molina on flowfish records and to be able to release her beautiful music in Europe. Her New Album “Lo Azul Sobre Mi” will be released on flowfish.records on July 10th 2020 in Europe!